Framingham Babe Ruth Baseball League

Framingham Babe Ruth League

PO Box 2581  --  Framingham, MA 01703

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For any individual - or group - that would like to assume the costs of maintaining and providing updates please contact one of the Framingham Coaches.


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There was a letter this spring about the quality of Framingham Baseball and its programs. Comparison to other towns, the following is the first round of the Summer All Star Program through July 1:

Lou Tompkins All Star League Round 1 Update:
13's #1 Seed in Pacific at 6 - 0
        outscored opposition by 40 runs

14's #1 - or #2 Seed in Atlantic at 3 - 2

15's #1 Seed in Gemini at 5 - 1
        one run loss; outscored opposition by 32 runs

16's #1 Seed in Pacific 6 - 0
        never trailed after 1st inning; outscored opposition by 52 runs

First round towns include Sudbury, Acton, Westford, Natick, Wellesley, Wayland, Needham and Newton.

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Framingham is one of only two towns fielding two A Division teams. And both of the other town's teams have losing records at this time.

Framingham is a combined 20 - 3 with one game to play.

Of the 72 teams, only five are undefeated and two are from Framingham.

Congratulations to the players but also to the coaches and their dedication over the years in developing this level of play. This consistency throughout the entire program is not an accident, nor the result of a good player carrying a team or program.

This success and dedication started with the T-ball coaches that lived through all 12 players chasing the same ball into left field. This success is dedicated to the countless hours parents waited for their player at “Ball Players” or caught the ball at night teaching them how to catch and throw. This success is dedicated to the 800 phone calls coaches make to get 9 players at the field on time and to collect the uniforms at years end. This success is dedicated to supporting programs that start in the snow in March, and ends in Fall Ball, sometimes also in the snow.

The players say Thank You.

Please remember why you are there cheering. It is not about developing the next Major League player but about developing the next Major League generations of dads, neighbors, professionals – and O yes – SONS and DAUGHTERS. They will carry these memories to their 40's and 50's and discussed with their children, grand children and fellow friends over a beer in the back yard. I know, I do.

We are not developing memories to be relived at Camden Yards or Stanford Stadium. Please keep these programs in prospective and support whenever you can. The players' count of that dedication and you will see the results in how they deal with their children and THEIR children's grandparents – O yea – that is you. More info:

Smile, relax but most importantly - enjoy the moment! For your player it may never come again. For you, it may never come again. Try enjoying


World Series - Cards vs A's

American League
133 7 / 2
894 / 5
Seed 3
7105 / 3
4132 / 7
National League
142 8 / 1
98 5 / 4
89 3 / 6
413 2 / 7

World Series - Red Sox over the Pirates

Prep League
105 0
87 0
78 0
69 0
510 0

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