13 Companies Making Waves in Cloud Computing for 2023

Dovie Salais

Gone are the days of manually storing, organizing, and processing data for various missions. Cloud computing services have made it more convenient and efficient for private companies and federal agencies to keep their crucial information from prying eyes and deploy their data and strategies during critical missions for multiple domains. […]

Gone are the days of manually storing, organizing, and processing data for various missions. Cloud computing services have made it more convenient and efficient for private companies and federal agencies to keep their crucial information from prying eyes and deploy their data and strategies during critical missions for multiple domains.

Cloud computing wouldn’t be possible without the innovative and impactful work of companies engineering solutions tailored to their clients’ needs. Here are some of the companies, in no particular order, that have influenced the cloud computing landscape in 2023.

Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services is the cloud computing division of Amazon, Inc. It offers computing platforms and application programming interfaces to governments, private companies, and individuals on a metered, pay-as-you-go basis. AWS services include storage, networking, middleware, IoT, and processing capabilities available in AWS’s IoT Core, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Augmented AI, and Public Sector Sales.

In February 2023, Amazon Web Services partnered with the Professional Services Council (PSC) to provide services and support to Ukraine. The company aided in the migration of more than 10 petabytes of Ukrainian private and public sector information into cloud infrastructure.


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The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a global technology company based in Armonk, New York. IBM is one of the world’s largest and most reputable developers and suppliers of computer hardware, software, and hosting platforms. IBM also provides expert consulting services on nanotechnology and mainframe computers.

IBM Cloud is an array of cloud computing capabilities built for businesses. The cloud platform covers over 100 services, including storage, networking, analytics, application development, cloud servers, and artificial intelligence.

In February 2023, the IBM Center for the Business of Government collaborated with Partnership for Public Service. It held a series of webinars for federal agencies on mobilizing cloud computing applications for public service. The webinars highlighted cloud strategies such as agile testing, cloud optimization, data protection, workforce transformation, and zero-trust architecture.


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Salesforce Inc. is a cloud-based software company in San Francisco, California, offering customer relationship management (CRM) programs and application services covering sales, analytics, customer service, e-commerce, marketing automation, and application development. 

As a prime CRM provider, Salesforce provides various cloud computing products: Sales, Commerce, Marketing, Platform, Service, and Small Business.

Part of Salesforce’s success in the cloud computing industry is the company’s executives. On March 16, 2023, Rob Stein, Vice President of the North America Public Sector, won Executive Mosaic’s Wash100 Award for leading Salesforce’s information technology sales strategy and expansion in the federal market.


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Oracle Corporation is a multinational computer technology company founded in 1977. It was previously named Software Development Laboratories (SDL) before being renamed ‘Oracle Corporation’ as an homage to its flagship product, Oracle Database.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a platform of cloud services built to run various applications in high-performance environments. The cloud computing scaffold enables businesses to run their portfolios and workloads efficiently, speeding operations, improving user experience, and lowering costs and risks.

DoD chose Oracle to provide enterprise-wide, globally accessible cloud offerings across all domains and security levels of the military. Oracle will provide its cloud computing capabilities to the DoD until 2028.


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SAP SE is a multinational software company specializing in enterprise software for business operations and customer relations. SAP SE’s prime product is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It also develops database software technology, cloud-engineered systems, and various software programs for customer relationship management, supply chain management, business technology platforms, and programming environment.

SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2) is the independent US-based subsidiary of SAP SE. It is responsible for developing and supplying complete suites of cloud platforms, analytics, cybersecurity, enterprise applications, and mobile software solutions for federal agencies.

Photo by Tapati Rinchumrus from Shutterstock.com / Official Capgemini Government Solutions Logo

Capgemini Government Solutions is a global leader in business transformation and leveraged technology. With over 50 years of experience, Capgemini aims to address many business needs and challenges through cloud platforms, software, digital engineering, data analytics, connectivity, and artificial intelligence.

Capgemini also extends its product and services line to various industries depending on information technology solutions. These industries include automotive, aerospace, banking, defense, capital markets, healthcare, and hospitality.

Recently, Capgemini worked with Amazon Web Services to start the AWS re/Start program. This initiative aims to train people seeking to become professionals in the cloud computing industry. 


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CyrusOne is an American privately-held company that owns and manages 40 carrier-neutral data centers in North and South America and Europe. It offers solutions for connectivity and server needs, such as cloud computing, colocation solutions, data recovery, and many others.

CyrusOne’s hybrid cloud solutions reduce complexity and support faster and more flexible business processes. Its Sky for the Cloud Platform is the latest cloud computing service for enterprise companies and providers to leverage hybrid cloud solutions with optimal efficiency, security, and scalability. 


Photo by Tapati Rinchumrus from Shutterstock.com / Official Microsoft Corporation Logo

Microsoft Corporation is one of the world’s largest computer technology companies. It is most notable for its lineup of Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office suite, and the browsers Edge and Internet Explorer.

The Microsoft Cloud is a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services such as artificial intelligence, virtual machines, IoT functions, application development, and cross-cloud infrastructures.

Like Oracle Corporation, Microsoft is also one of four companies the DoD selected to provide cloud offerings to the military until 2028.

Red Hat

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Red Hat, Inc. is a subsidiary of IBM that provides open-source software solutions and products to government agencies and businesses in finance, healthcare, and emerging technologies, among many others. It offers various products such as storage, operating system platforms, middleware, applications, and cloud computing services.

Red Hat’s cloud services comprise hosting, application, and streamlining features that make storing and information processing more efficient and straightforward. Red Hat also developed hybrid cloud infrastructures for IBM, AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

On February 23, 2023, Red Hat offered its cloud services to Microsoft Azure to the government. This Red Hat Azure cloud application, called OpenShift, comprises an enterprise Kubernetes platform and Azure’s infrastructure. It enables the public sector to utilize cloud computing services to create applications that manage crucial data.


Photo by ra2 studio from Shutterstock.com / Official Caveonix Logo

Caveonix is a digital risk management company redefining the complexity of hybrid cloud workloads into a single, more straightforward platform. Its flagship product, Caveonix Cloud (formally Caveonix RiskForesight), integrates security, predictive analytics, control, and visibility into hybrid clouds, applications, and data to enable enterprises to process workloads and eliminate digital threats.

Caveonix’s expertise in cloud computing stems from the experiences of its executives. On April 6, 2023, the company appointed Carey Scott, Kevin Lang, and Lior Haim-Murray as new vice presidents to propel enterprise market growth initiatives. Scott and Lang have more than 20 years of experience working on cloud and cybersecurity solutions, while Haim-Murray has nearly a decade of experience in strategic marketing and event management.


Photo by TWStock from Shutterstock.com / Official Zscaler Logo

Zscaler is a California-based company specializing in enterprise cloud security services. It owns and operates several other technology companies, such as TrustPath, Appsulate, and Trustdome.

Zscaler uses a zero-trust architecture to build its cloud computing infrastructures to establish highly secure and efficient clouds. The company’s cloud security products enable digital transformation in enterprises and promote agility, resiliency, and confidence.

In December 2022, Zscaler joined the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative, which aims to bolster the nation’s cybersecurity and cyber resiliency stances. Under the collaboration, Zscaler will assist in future cyber strategy planning and provide its expertise in zero-trust cloud infrastructure to develop and deploy cyber defense initiatives.

Cyxtera Federal Group

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The Cyxtera Federal Group is a cloud-based company that designs and builds cloud computing services for Public IT Sectors. Its primary cloud product, FedRamp, is tailored for government functions like defense and healthcare.

FedRamp offers traditional cloud platforms’ flexibility and storage capabilities, security, scalability, visibility, control, and fast deployment of private data centers. It enables federal agencies to implement guarded private infrastructure into Cyxtera’s data centers efficiently. 


Photo by PopTika from Shutterstock.com / Official Changeis, Inc. Logo


Changeis, Inc. is a Virginia-based company that provides digital solutions, increasing mission effectiveness for the public sector. The company modernizes technology infrastructures to address federal government problems, develop more innovative processes, and cross-collaborate expertly.

Changeis designed its cloud computing architecture to solve real-world problems in real-time, with optimal safety, performance, security, and integrity.

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